BlinkM and BlinkM MaxM differ in hue colour code

I've just send a message to thingm about the following:

I'm working now for a few weeks with arduino as a controll and BlinkM & BlinkM MaxM. When I send a hue colour code towards both the BlinkM and MaxM Blaster I see huge colour differences, like one is displaying green, and the other orange. When I send RGB codes towards both, they display exact the same code. My thinking would say: the translation of hue in the BlinkM MaxM is wrong as it does playback the rgb codes perfectly.

Do you know if there are any known problems with this?


Maybe someone also got these strange problems?

Yes, I am having the same problem, though I only have a MaxM, and don't have a BlinkM to compare it with.

I first noticed this when I ran script 13, which is the "water reflections" script, and the colors varied from orange to green with no blue at all.

Then I wrote a test script to cycle through all the hue values, and I never once got a pure blue color. Looking at the way the color changed during this script, I'm going to guess that bits are being transposed or dropped somehow, since the color can radically change from one hue value to the next.

Did you receive an answer from ThingM about this? It's VERY annoying.

The problem was in the BlinkM software on the board itself. Contact the store where you bought them, they can change the "broken" MaxM's for you.

Tod from ThingM was very patient with me, and did all the tests I asked for. Unfortunatly Tod had a MaxM that did not had the software problem. The store where I bought the MaxM had a few more MaxM's with the problem in the software. ThingM's respond for a solution was fast. They offered great service.

Regards, G