BlinkM Code for Starlight


I just ordered my first BlinkM. I have an Arduino Decimal. The BlinkM is going to be a single star on the night sky backdrop of a stage being used for Peter Pan the musical. “Second star to the right and straight on till morning…” specifically. I only have a couple weeks until the show and was hoping someone could help me with the learning curve to get a “twinkling” star effect programmed. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Jim, I can’t answer your question, but having had lots of experience with technical mailing lists, newsgroups, and Web forums, I can offer a friendly suggestion for how you might improve the odds of getting help: Use a better subject for your thread.

Presently, there is no indication that you are asking for assistance in your subject, so many people who might help will never see your question.

I came here expecting to find code to make BlinkM do something related to star light. If I hadn’t been interested in that, I would not have even read your post. If I was in your position, I would have provided a subject for my thread like “How can I make BlinkM twinkle like a star?” or “How to simulate starlight with BlinkM?” or “BlinkM: how to simulate starlight?” That way, people scanning a list of threads who are interested in answering your question or in reading a discussion that might lead to the answer would know to read your thread.

Remember, most people do not read every thread, so all they will see is your subject unless there’s something in the subject that makes them want to read the thread.

For more on how we computer geeks handle this sort of thing (much of it applies here as well), see Eric S. Raymond’s essay, “How to ask questions the smart way.” In particular, see the section, “Use meaningful, specific subject headers.”

I assumed it was a question (it’s in a Questions section) back when this was originally posted, so no real problem there. The reason I didn’t reply is because ThingM, the makers of BlinkM, already have very good documentation and even provide a program to create sequences for the BlinkM. There isn’t much that can be said in this forum that would be an improvement on the existing documentation.