blinkm is not listening to arduino

Hello. I've received my arduino duemilanove 328 + blinkm today and after reading days of howto's I can finaly begin.

installing serial drivers for the apple plug the blinkm to analog pin 2 t/m 5 of the arduino board. plug the usb in the arduino. starting arduino application, and selecting tty-usbserial. loading BlinkMcommunicator (or others)

I can see the rx and tx leds of the arduino board flickering. Then I quit the arduino-0015 application and start the BlinkMSequencer. connecting, defining, and uploading.

Then I get the message, upload was ok, but nothing happend to the blinkm. I disconnected the blinkm (afther unplugging the usb). connecting only the power, but nothing.

Afther trying al few other programs and an other blinkm I don't see other options.

Does anybody have a clue what to do next?

Whoeweeeeeee ! Arduino release 016 solved my problem!