blinky light project

Hello, im fairly new to arduino. I have worked with them in the past on a project with success. I have a new project and i dont remember the exact functionality of the arduino, or if it will do what i need. I want to use the mini 05 since its so small.

What i need to do is make a set of led lights blink 3 times a second for about 3 seconds and then go solid. That's an easy task, the part i am not sure about is if i can make it so the switch i used to activate it just powers on the board and it goes straight into that program. Basically, i have no way to have constant power to the board. I need it so that when i give power to the board, it then turns on and does its blinky/solid program. A start-up program essentially. I need it to be instant though, A half second delay or even a tenth of a second delay would be a deal breaker.

If anyone has information for me id appreciate it greatly.

Bryan Wachter

Consider the deal broken then. Carry on looking for a solution elsewhere.

Arduino with Bootloader has a few seconds delay before the sketch runs
programming ["uploading"] via ICSP, using USBtinyISP or sim., results the sketch running from power-up

how about.....

you press the button, your 555 chip starts flashing the LED in a square wave.
your chip starts and after some casual time, about 1 seconds, it takes over and turns the LED on continuous ?

all you need to do is determine the start up time of your chip,

the key on the 555 circuit is to have the LED come on instantly with power and then pulse the off times.

power - LED - resistor - transistor - gnd

have a pull-up on the base to power so that the transistor turns on and the LED lights with power.
then the 555 will start timing and turn off the LED in the square wave you pick.

after your bootloader starts and your program runs, it takes control and stops the 555 from timing.

not sure what else you are doing, but it would seem a tiny85 could be programmed for this.

thank you guys for the help. i like your ideas. but as i am new im a little confused. But doing my research about the stuff you guys have mentioned.

dave-in-nj, thinking about how i would execute your idea. I would have to use a pull-up that is controlled by my button/main power, this turns on the 555 chip and starts the tiny85, once the tiny85 starts up it would then have to use a pull-down to turn off the power to the 555 and put led control to the tiny85? Is that correct?

thanks again for your guys help.

if you pull thr reset low, you drive the outpul low.

if you invert the output of the 555 it will fail high.