Block-based Arduino (Blockuino)


Through my work running a code club and a makerspace for kids here in Oslo, Norway, I've developed a block-based webapp that can be used to generate Arduino Code, I've decided to call Blockuino. The code is generated to the right of the blocks, but can be hidden using the middle button on the left-hand menu.

The idea is not to be a full-blown IDE, but rather to be an interim solution for transitioning from block-based to text-based programming. Originally I didn't plan on adding special support for sensors or libraries. but I have recently added in support for a handful of libraries and sensors, OLED displays and motor controllers as I needed this for the projects in the code club.

I've found that I can successfully use Blockuino to teach basic electronics and robotics to a group of up to 15 kids aged 10+ fairly efficiently, which I am quite happy with.

Blockuino is Open Source software, based on Blockly and Ember.js, and it has some nice features like automatically reflecting the blocks added and their placements in the URL, so projects are easily sharable and bookmarkable. Like this project for instance, which lets you write your name to an OLED display.

I would very much like comments and feedback to this project.