Blocking Abusive Posters

Is it possible to block someone on the forum so that I don't have to be exposed to his vitriolic posts? If so, how?

Name and shame !


You call it abusive.
I see frustration.
And i know what causes that frustration.

Paul is one of the very few people who try to help anyone.
And there's a lot of anyones over here.
But those who need the help, need to help themselves first.
You were pointed to a re-ocurring error in your code, and you fixed half of the one pointed out to you and kept the rest of them in it.
Reading the chosen variable names and the comments aren't going to help you or whoever, because most of them are wrong.
So use logic variable names.
Correct any incorrect comment, or delete it.
The IDE doesn't give **** about names as long as they are unique and not reserved for something else.
So use names that help YOU identify what they're all about.
If you would have done so in the first place, you might have seen your own errors already.
Now you have taken a few magic tokens and mixed them.
As it is all hocus-pocus to you, you are in trouble and have to ask here to see if anybody an help you figuring out what's wrong.
You might have been able to see what's the problem after cleaning up the code.

If there would be a single user to the forum asking this kind of questions with this kind of sketch, that wouldn't be a problem.
But there's hundreds of these topics per month.
Helping someone with this kind of topic, means no time for someone else who did try their best to clean things up.


  • Help yourself and give all variables (and consts) a valid name, and make sure all comments are correct or delete them.
    Skipping this means creating confusion to anyone reading your sketch, not the least yourself while trying to debug.

  • If someone helps you, read and reread the help and then your code.
    Check for similar mistakes in your code so someone helping you doesn't have to point to every single similar mistake.

  • You aren't the only one asking for help.
    Keep in mind we would like to help out anyone.
    So take some initiative in solving your[/i] problems (i'm starting to repeat myself here)

So what's the answer to the question I clearly asked above?

Answer is to learn from a mistake, grow a thicker skin, scroll on by, then move on as there are no blocks AFAIK unless you ask a moderator to block you. Which is something only you can decide upon.

...there are no blocks AFAIK

That's the answer, and it only took a few words and no lecture. Thank you.

unless you ask a moderator to block you. Which is something only you can decide upon.

Why would I want a moderator to block me? That wasn't the question.

Answer is to learn from a mistake, grow a thicker skin, scroll on by, then move on as there are no blocks AFAIK

That was the answer.

You can report the poster to a Moderator. Most times tho it seems the reporter doesn’t like the help provided, or takes an answer the wrong way, or misses the sarcasm or attempt at wit in an answer. If we review a thread and do see something really vitriolic, that poster can be banned, temporarily or permanently. Usually just spammers get banned permanently, and others develop a more civil minded tone in their posts.

What you saw there wasn't vitriol. It was someone trying to get you to THINK instead of just hacking and pasting out some code and expecting us to do all the work for you. If you can't be bothered to at least try to make something readable, then why do you think we owe you any sort of help?

If you really don't like the help you get here, then you can have all of your money back that you spent on the forum. All none of it. There you go, full refund. Sorry you had a bad time. Maybe someone somewhere else will coddle and baby you through this. If you really want to learn to do it, you need to grow a thicker skin though. Programmers aren't really known for their people skills. If you want someone to worry more about your fragile feelings, then might I suggest this forum where they are much more concerned with your feelings and put much less emphasis on actual code.