Blocks -True Code Blocks!

Blocks -TrueCodeBlocks !, has been designed thinking about children from 3 years of age who need to interact with the world around them.

The teens also will surely find in Blocks the definitive system to begin learning programming.

With this system, children not only learn control logic and develop algorithmic thinking by programming sequences to make the Biyubi robot move and perform certain tasks, but goes further, by proposing to be a reinforcement of the lessons in class, either In pre-school or primary level, since the Books and Maps of Adventures are edited according to the curricular content of these educational levels. In this way, children reinforce the knowledge built in class as they develop skills, aptitudes and attitudes that will allow them to control the digital world we live in, making a new generation of adults able to face and solve problems by using a method.

To start in the world of programming, it should not be necessary to wait for the children to learn computing in order to operate the software with which to program a robot, even if it is a graphic one. Children need to interact with real elements and be able to experiment with them to observe the results immediately, so that the passion for knowledge is awakened through problem solving and curiosity.

For this reason, we have taken the structure, functions and instructions of a programming language for mobile robots, to a series of small blocks that function as minimum programming units, so that by connecting them one after the other (in sequence) That instruction execution order is sent wirelessly to a Mobile Robot (Biyubi), which will execute the Physical Program instructions one by one in the order in which the blocks were placed.