Blog about Arduino & XBee sensor projects

I am starting a blog about using the Arduino and XBee sensors in a iDigi Wireless network. Catch posts on using Python to control the wireless network and various projects using the Arduino with sensors, lighting, HVAC and other topics.


Please post a link when you have it up!

Sorry, I should have included it it is:

Interestig stuff, must take a look!

Sweet. This is going to come in handy with my home automation project.


I just returned from my Python Boot Camp and have some topics nearly ready for posting. I hope to post the first one tomorrow with more coming this weekend so stay tuned. I have lots of cool stuff to share.

Open Source Journeyman

Did you manage to reverse engineer the protocol of the Digi temperature/light sensor and the Digi wall router?

I am still wondering if I want to use the Digi X4 together with my Arduino’s - somehow I find the Python development environment very clumsy.

Nice, intresting stuff.


see another blog about Xbee and Arduino, in spanish.