Blowing out IR receivers

Hi Everyone,

I recently had a dvd player go bad so I ripped out the IR receiver and kept the remote. I got the remote working great with LIRC but then at some point the receiver IC (a very outdated Vishay HS0038A2) just went bad on me, just started reading low constantly. Low is the reading when a pulse is received, it should normally read high with smatterings of lows when a button is pushed. Anyway, I ordered some new receivers from digi, vishays, and they worked ok, didn't pick up as well as the old one, but no worries. I just somehow blew those out...I don't know how I'm doing this. I've got a 100 Ohm resistor between the receiver and my 5V, no cap between Vs and GND though. But I just can't believe killing these things hooking them to the regulated 5V of the arduino. Max voltage on the data sheet is 6V. Any thoughts on how I'm frying them and what to do to prevent it?