blown camera?

This isn't strictly arduino, but it's part of a big arduino setup. :P If one were to power a digital camera with reversed polarity (not that I just did it or anything ::) ) would that blow the camera's guts, or is there usually a diode that's meant to blow in that case? It's a canon powershot a470, if that helps anything. I've got it opened up, but before I test every surface mount goodie in the thing I figured I'd ask. Anyone ever done anything this stupid before? :P

nope, it doesn't work. Does that mean that there's a blown diode, and is it as simple as replacing it?

alright, I'll poke around and see what I can find ;) thanks

I found where the power comes to the first board, and tested it there. It's identical to the batteries' charge. Here's a picture of what I found.

As you can see, there's continuity between the positive wire and the one side of the surface mount box. Is that a diode or fuse? There's an overload of resistance between the two sides of that box, measured both directions. Is this the problem?

yes, it's open. From the opposite side to ground is 19k ohms, so that means it's a fuse? Thanks for your input!

I soldered in a wire from side 1 to side 2, and it turns on! Thank you so much! This camera is now designated to software hacking only. ::) With the placement of the fuse, I'm not sure of my skills to get in there and replace it, but it would make me much more settled to do that. Can you identify the fuse by the picture? It's labeled 2.3, is that enough information? Thank you so, so much for your help. At least my learning experience may only cost a few bucks out of my pocket and a few years off my life. ;D

Thanks! I'll check out those links. Round of applause to the guy who decided to put a fuse in consumer devices, and to you to know how to deal with shmucks like me! ;D Thanks for your time!