Blue smoke question

I'm pretty positive I know the answer to this question, but hopefully it will give someone a New Years chuckle. If I accidentally wire up a breadboard 328p like Mr. Gammon shows on his website, with the exception of say....connecting pin 7 to GND and pin 8 to 5V...can that let the magic blue smoke out of my chip?

Depends. (Not the garment, either.)

Did it?

By some coincidence, did you hook up +12V to somewhere else when you omitted these others?

No, I didn't use 12V on it. But while no blue smoke was released, the chip got REALLY REALLY HOT!. So yes, the chip is dead. Long live the chip.

I'm surprised you could cook it by omitting connections like you suggest tho ?

I am too, but I’ve tried different wires for connections and different locations for connections, and the chip just doesn’t talk to the programmer any more. Also, when I noticed the switched connections, I touched the chip and it was very hot.

If you power the chip via the IO pins with power & gnd not connected, you can damage the clamp diodes, and that usually results in the chip getting hot.

Oops. Just to be clear. If you connect let say 5V to any I/O pin without power on VCC, the magic blue smoke will be in result? Is it mentioned somewhere in datasheet?