Bluebird BMS 630MG

Hello, all
I am working on a project where I’m using a Bluebird BMS 630MG servo. The problem is this servo will not move to my commands, for now I’m just running sweep so that I can test the servo but still no response. The servo will sometimes flick or move maybe 5-10 degrees but thats it, when I plug in a different servo it does work. I have not wired its power to my arduino Uno so just using a 6v charger, I have also tried running a 9v but still it doesn’t do anything. I’ve read up on how to wire the servo to an outside power source it’s pretty basic. Here is a picture of my setup:

HK's website calls that a "super strong" servo, so maybe it requires more current than your power source can supply?- especially since you say it works with a different servo.

(PS: the 9v is not a good idea, since that's a 4.8-6v servo.....)

Yes its a 13kg servo so it's pretty strong but thats all that I had laying around so I geuss I'll have to buy something new :( but I have used this servo with my RC and then I just use the 6v batteries, I actually ran 2 of those servos at the same time. The power suply says at 6v 320Ma. Thanks for the reply.

Those thin hook-up wires aren't any good at high-current - you need to make your own from 0.8mm to 1mm single core copper wire. If the wire doesn't feel stiff, its unlikely to have enough metal to take several amps which is what your high power servo needs - perhaps 2 to 4A peak.