Bluefruit LE UART

I’ve had this Bluefruit LE breakout for some time now, I couldn’t get it to work so I laid it on the side and I’m just getting back to it.
I have it up and running and can upload sketches to it and everything seems fine but I wanted it so I could upload changes to the Arduino without having to connect the serial cable to the Arduino. I have gone over the Adafruit tutorial a few times and there doesn’t seem to be an example of how to do it and internet searches have proven unfruitful so Perhaps someone could point me to an article that might get me going in the right direction.
I’m using an Arduino Due with the Bluefruit LE connected to it.

See this tutorial for an example application using Adafruit SPI LE board.

It uses my free pfodDesigner app to create Arduino code for you that then displays menus and controls on your Android mobile using my (paid) pfodApp

Thanks for the link, I had all that ready to go and have uploaded the Adafruit examples with no problems.
I have the Adafruit AVR boards in the preferences but the problem is for uploading a sketch directly to the Due the Bluetooth to serial port doesn’t show in the port manager, it just shows the 2 Due ports and not a wireless one.

Not following you.
You upload the Due as normal, Then you have SPI connection to the BLE board
BUT the BLE board will not give you a Serial Com port on the PC. :frowning:
You need to use a BLE progam to make connection.
Try one of the Android Nordic nRF UART apps
Or the nRF Toolbox for Bluetooth LE which lets you define buttons to send msgs.

I was trying to upload sketches OTA to the Due through the BluefruitLE UART. I’m using a Mac and it couldn’t find the BluefruitLE until I launched Bluefruit connect app but even then when I try to find the BlufruitLE in the port manager inside the Arduino IDE it would not show up. To upload a sketch you need to have a port to send it through but can’t seem to make the BluefruitLE appear like I have seen in some youtube videos using different Arduino controllers.

I’m not trying to control things with Bluetooth, I see how to do that using Bluefruit connect app but I’m not looking to do that.

Does that make sense?

You won’t see the BLE connection in the IDE port manager as it does not create a COM port.
So as far as I know you cannot do what you want without some special software on the PC that would connect to via BLE and look like a COM port the OS.
I don’t know of any such software.
Post back here if you find any.

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