Bluefruit SPI Friend on Arduino M0 isn't working


I just bought the Adafruit Bluefruit SPI Friend module (a Bluetooth SPI module) and attach it to my Arduino M0.
I tried the atcommand example first but it seems stuck when initializing.

Here is the serial console output :

Adafruit Bluefruit AT Command Example
Initialising the Bluefruit LE module: OK!
Performing a factory reset:

Nothing more !
If I disable the “FACTORYRESET_ENABLE”, it stop just after the first line ("… OK!").

I’m using the SPI standard pins on M0 which is working fine with my other projet (sdcard + oled screen).
The only change on the original example is this line I add :


Everything looks fine on the Android Bluefruit LE app (can see the module, update to last firmware).

I give a try with an Arduino UNO and everything is fine !

Is there something wrong in my wiring on the M0 ?

I don’t get any answer on the same topic on Adafruit forum, so maybe I’ll be luckier here :slight_smile:

For people who are interested by this module here is all information on the official website : Downloads | Introducing the Adafruit Bluefruit LE SPI Friend | Adafruit Learning System