BlueGiga WT12-A-AI Breakout

I picked up a WT12-A-AI from ebay with the intention of purchasing one of Jeff Rowburg's breakout boards ( However, when the module arrived it was already mounted on a breakout board. The seller said that this is how they were provided by his vendor, though I'm having a heck of a time tracking down any details about the breakout board (which is, of course, unlabeled). The module has a fine-pitched 12-pin socket (6x2) and what appears to be holes for another 8-pin connector. Only markings on the breakout board are "Signalife BlueGiga rev 1.0".

Curious to see whether anyone has encountered one of these breakout boards and if they can point me to the relevant documentation. The googles are not being kind to me today, can't seem to find any useful information, though I'm probably missing something incredibly obvious.

The connector itself is a small rectangular 2x6 female port with 2mm pitch.