Blueooth programming with "usb female"

Hi guys,

so, i got several machines that i need to keep connecting a laptop to debug and program, and i saw the option to use some hc05 i have here (the laptop has built in bluetooth), but i found some things that i might need help,

To access the RX - TX pins in my machines i would need to disassemble it entirely which would be hard, is there any way to use the usb (from the usb serial ch340) instead? if so, how can i do it? i have easy access to the arduino usb port (there is a "programming usb female" in the back of the machine, directly connected to an arduino mega).

I never worked directly with "reading and connecting to usb" in arduinos, but i have some experience with bluetooth


There are two types of USB device, client and host. The host has the same sort of USB connector as your PC where as the client has the same sort of USB connector as your Arduino.

To talk to / read a USB client you need a host shield on your Arduino, and also the software to drive the sort of client device presented by what you plug into it.

Thanks for the quick response, would this board work?

No idea, I am on a mobile device and that link does strange things.

not sure why it didnt embed the picture before, but here it is again,

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