Bluethooth button/hotkey/macro


Looking to create a wireless button for a windows 10 tablet.

The button needs to be programable/assignable to a keyboard button, wireless, as small/light as possible, and automatically connects to the tablet (similar to a wireless mouse).

The context for the idea;

I work as a surveyor, and my tablet is attached to a pole. I would like to attach a button on the pole so I can use the pole and the tablet with one hand. The button would only be required to hotkey z, which is the hotkey for storing a measurement.

Any ideas, suggestions, links, or existing products please let me know.
Thanks in advanced

probably the simplest approach would be to emulate a bluetooth or wireless keyboard
use a small Push Button Switch which transmits the hotkey to the tablet

something along the lines of but using bluetooth

there are programmable bluetooth keypads - would they be too large?

also try a web search for User-Configurable USB and Bluetooth Pushbuttons , e.g. bluebutton

Thanks for the response,

Yeah a keypad would be too large.
The BLUButton would be a good idea

The BLUButton would be a good idea

I does sounds exactly what you require - you program it to transmit the required hotkey when pressed, pair with the tablet and it should work