Bluetooth 4.0 BLE RF-BM-S02 CC2540

Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone ever use this bluetooth, here´s the link to the device.

I made a pcb conecting rx,tx, vcc, gnd to an atmega328p. I used a transistor to swift from 3.3v to 5v. But when i power the system i cant see the name of the device.

I already test the bluetooth 4.0 compatibility with my cellphone with a HM-10 but i would want to use this small chip on my pcbs-

heres the datasheet and ilustrations of the pcb

i hope someone could help me.

maybe i should ground the cts and rts pin.

ill check this one on seedstudio

problem solved.

some of the pins where used to enable the comunication

Hi All,

Whether CC2540 can pair with iPhone? I have HC-05 and HC-06 bluetooth module they are able to pair and communicate with an android phone but can't with an iPhone. Still don't know why.


The problem is that Iphone has some extra secure system, the hc-05 and 06 cannot comunicate with IOS because the operating system doesnt allow them. You have to use a bluetooth that supports BLE like the HM10

Hello! Forgive me for bad English, :confused: I'm writing with an interpreter!) I'm writing to the author of the topic, please draw a simple diagram of connecting the arduino pro mini with these bluetooth module RX and TX I really need help !!!! And I want to argue, he will also be able to transmit and receive data as a bluetooth module HC-05 without any problems? Thanks you!

I have the same problem with this module. I had used the VCC and GND and I had putted the EN pin (pin 6) to GND, but still I cannot find him with my phone or PC.

Anybody know how to fix it?

Thanks, M.

lease help me with the pin connection .I am unable to detect the device in my smartphone.