Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE with multiple slaves

According to this website it is possible to have a BLE master communicate with a large number of slaves Excerpt from web page

Many simultaneous connections – Bluetooth Smart has no defined limit on the number of simultaneous connections (trains) you can make. Perhaps we will find a limit someday, but for now it is safe to say you can use Bluetooth Smart to simultaneously run as many trains as you desire.

This is not the first time I have heard this capability mentioned but I have been unable to find any "how to" info even though I have made several web searches. It may well be that I don't know the correct terms to use in a search.

Perhaps someone here knows how to create links to multiple slaves or can post a link to a useful web site.



One thing is now clear: BLE is not an upgrade from plainvanilla bluetooth. You might get some help here

I use node.js noble running on a raspberry pi 3 to connect to 2 BBC micro:bits (nrf51). There is support for HM-10 but I have not tried it. I have no idea what the limit is.

Nick_Pyner: You might get some help here

Thanks. I have bookmarked that link to study later.