Bluetooth Access System


we are a group of students from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and we want to share with you our final degree project in Computer Engineering.

Here you can see the abstract of our project, so you can understand what we wanted to do:

The Physical Access Control systems are a fundamental pillar of the security systems because they are responsible for allowing or cancel the access to a restricted area. Nowadays, when any company considers to install an access control system, doesn't do it only with the aim of avoid not desired access, but want a secure, organized and convenient access to the restricted zones. Advanced Technology has allowed to replace common locks and keys with electronic systems that in addition to greater security offer a wide range of possibilities. Some of these systems are personal identification equipments based on HID cards, bar code cards, biometric equipments, magnetic stripe cards, keyboards, buttons, etc.

The aim of this project is to design and implement an alternative Physical Access Control system. One easy to use, convenient and economical, that provides configurable security and centralized management, and wich allows users to use their own mobile phones as keys for the restricted areas. We can distinguish three main blocks: an embedded system for which we have used open-hardware and open-source platform, a server with an LDAP directory, which manages the security of each area, and the personal identification device, a phone that establish the Bluetooth connection.

To do this we have used the following hardware: - Arduino BT (official board). - Ethernet Shield for Arduino (from nuelectronics). - 16x2 Character LCD - Serial I2C/SPI/RS232-TTL (from fungizmos).

We also need a mobile phone with the API JSR-177 for security (encrypting password in the mobile) and an intermediate application waiting an UDP message from the arduino containing the mobile mac (identifying the mobile), the encrypted password and the identifier of the door we are trying to open. We made this application in C++, it's running in ubuntu and it consults a LDAP server to know if there is access with the data provided. When the intermediate application knows the answer, it sends it back to the arduino using UDP again and the arduino notifies the phone and opens the door if necessary.

Now you can see some pictures:

Arduino BT and Ethernet Shield

The connections inside the box

The final result

And now a couple of videos. Sorry, but the applications are in Spanish, we have introduced some English subtitles to help.

In this one, you can see a complete sequence using the mobile to access a door, first with a wrong password and then with the correct one:

In this video you can see an assembly showing the complete interaction of the system (including the mobile, the door with the arduino and the intermediate application):

We hope you think this is an interesting project. Thank you.

very nice - thank you for sharing. Good luck with your grade.

It is really good, maybe can you share more info like how you did the mobile aplication?

Thank you both.

Here is the NetBeans project of the mobile application. Sorry, but most of it is in spanish (comments and variable names). We hope it is useful anyway. If you want anything else, just ask for it ;).

We are now graduated and we don't have the arduinos (the university got them back), but we'll help if it is possible :).

Very interesting project!

oye SAB UCM, podrias volver a subirlo porfa?... y si hay que bajar librerias me podrias decir cuales son?... Saludos!

I have followed the link to your netBeans mobile phone solution but there file was removed from that server, If you don't can you please upload it again or e-mail it to me at Regards South African

Very well done system. That shows quite a bit of skill with both large scale and small scale projects