Bluetooth and Arduino ADC issue

Dear All,

I'm trying to take Analog inputs from an Arduino Uno and send them to my computer wirelessly through an RN-41 Module. I'm able to do that using the default ADC clock prescalar value (128). However, I would like to increase the Baud rate of the Bluetooth Module.

Therefore, I need to set the ADC fast enough in order to transmit data at a faster rate (right now, even though I can increase the baud rate above 115200 to 230400, my speed is still limited by the ADC). To do that, I configure the ADC clock prescaler value. However, 2 issues result:

  1. My serial monitor reads a set of jumbled letters instead of numbers.
  2. The bluetooth module sometimes loses connection with my computer.

Here is my code:

#ifndef cbi
#define cbi(sfr, bit) (_SFR_BYTE(sfr) &= ~_BV(bit))
#ifndef sbi
#define sbi(sfr, bit) (_SFR_BYTE(sfr) |= _BV(bit))

uint16_t  sensorValue1; 
uint16_t  sensorValue2;
uint16_t  sensorValue3;

void setup()
  //s=1, c=0
 //This is the troublesome code to set the prescalar value of the ADC converter!!!
 cbi(ADCSRA,ADPS2) ;
 cbi(ADCSRA,ADPS1) ;
 cbi(ADCSRA,ADPS0) ;
 //End troublesome code
 Serial.begin(115200); //This baud rate is ok

void loop()
  sensorValue1= analogRead(1);  
  sensorValue2= analogRead(2);
  sensorValue3= analogRead(3);
  sensorValue1=49; //I'm sending "dummy variables" to debug
  sensorValue2=50; //I'm sending "dummy variables" to debug
  sensorValue3=51; //I'm sending "dummy variables" to debug
  Serial.write(44); //This is a comma to delimit the data

I'm wondering if this is a limitation of the Arduino or I'm just coding something wrong. I really, really hope it's the latter.

Thanks for any input you can provide!