Bluetooth and Cellphone

I've figured out how to Send/Receive files between my cellphone and laptop with USB BT dongle. I have successfully paired the device to my computer on COM13 (SPP). Then I opened the Serial Monitor on port COM13 and I can see the phone's bluetooth symbol blink between blue and red. When I change the baud rate in the serial monitor it sync with my cell phone at the same time. I was hoping a serial monitor would pop up on my cell phone, but that didn't happen. Nothing happening on the phone when I type in the serial monitor. I saw Android has a Serial Monitor app to download, but I've got a BT capable Samsung TracFone with no data plan. Is there a way to pull up a serial monitor with my TracFone? Nothing I saw under the menu gave me access nor does the User Guide give much info. I also tried to connect to COM13 with Putty Serial, but it wouldn't connect. Any ideas on how to get past these issues?

What are the cellphone's micro usb pins definitions?

Would the Arduino be capable of hacking the cellphone's audio and camcorder?