This is relating the project I am currently working on for my school project. It is a robot. the following code is for obstacle avoidance and bluetooth robot (android controlled). the problem is that I wanted help on combining the following code given. I don’t have enough time left with me. Please refer the following webpages on instructables.




carBluetooth_V01.ino (1.7 KB)

sensitive_robot.ino (3.21 KB)

I don't see a question (though I do see a SHOUTY title)

Please just post the code if it is so small. Use code tags

This simple merge code demo may give you some ideas.

You will need to be careful to ensure that the two pieces of code don't both try to use the same Arduino resources such as I/O pins.


Was the assignment to find a couple of examples on some useless asses web site, and then get someone else to combine them for you?

What the hell will you learn from that? Why should you get ANY credit for the project?

I don't have enough time left with me.

That's YOUR problem for not starting on time. I hope you flunk!

I hope you flunk!

Paul, that’s not nice.



As a spaniard I use to use the forum to improve my (poor) english . . . ;D

Would anybody, please, briefly explain this (I'm sure that polite) sentence for me:

I hope you flunk!

Thanks in advance.


"flunk" == "fail badly" particularly in an exam

"flunk" == "fail badly" particularly in an exam

I feared . . . (Rude words elided. would be a free translation to Cervantes' language -just for your knowledge . . . . . This Paul! ::) )



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