Bluetooth and Serial Monitor

Hi all,

Thanks for the posts in this forum, they are really really useful to beginners like me

I am working on connecting a pre-programmed Lilypad(which has an accelerometer) to PC via a BlueSMiRF bluetooth module, I have previously programmed Lilypad and it println the values of xyz axis (which worked with serial monitor), the code i've used is copied from the ADXL 3xx tutorial from arduino website, and here's the setup:

Basically as you can see, the green LED on bluetooth is on and it indicates that it is connected to PC, however it doesn't println anything onto serial monitor, but strangely, whenever i change the baud rate in serial monitor, the bluetooth module goes red(disconnects) for 2 seconds and turns back to green(connected)

so what should I do in order to println sth onto serial monitor? thanks for your help in advance!