Bluetooth and SimpleMessageSystem


Does anyone have experience with Arduino-BT and the SimpleMessageSystem? I uploaded a program that worked fine on an Arduino_NG to my new Arduino-BT. Of course it did not work (Murphy's law). I found out that there is a reset-pulse on pin 7, which I don't use in my program. Skipping the SimpleMessageSystem functions makes the reset disappear, but as soon as ''messageGetChar()'' is included, the reset-pulse is back and nothing works anymore.

I hope somebody has an idea.

Bye from Rob


yes you have to avoid connecting anything to pin 7, as it is used internally for resetting the BlueGiga BT module itself.

The other thing to watch is that the serial port operates at 115200 baud by default.

If MessageGetChar() is causing the board to reset, I imagine that the ATmega chip is resetting... there's nothing in SMS that relates to pin 7, AFAIK.

I was using SMS for Arduino2Max on a bunch of Arudino BT modules, but I simplified it so that the serial communication wouldn't need SMS. Not sure if it will help, but the code is here.


Hi Daniel,

I could not open the files on a PC, I will try later on a Mac.

At this moment the Arduino-BT is not recognized by the computer anymore. Uploading is not possible. So a bigger problem now.

Bye from Robert