Bluetooth and Text to Speech

Hi guys,

I have a Text to Speech Converter (V-Stamp) and a bluetooth module. I have the text to speech working fine with arduino board and it spits out audio fine. Now I want to transmit this audio via bluetooth module that I have. I have no idea how to go about doing it. :-[

The datasheets of the two modules are below:


PS: I am currently using SP+/SP- on the TTS for audio.

Any help/ideas will be appreciated.


Unfortunately, your Bluetooth module is a "data cable replacement", not an "audio cable replacement". It's missing the analog input and digitizing circuitry needed to encode audio, and the firmware needed to communicate with an audio receiver.

You need to buy a Bluetooth audio transmitter, or hack a gadget like a BT cellphone headset, to send audio.

Oh i c...I had that feeling you have any suggestions for the audio bluetooth?... also...where which pin on the TTS would connect to the bluetooth...

Sorry: I know something about the general principles of Bluetooth networks (like the fact that audio devices and serial data devices identify themselves to other BT gadgets, and relay their data, differently), but I'm not an expert, and don't have any experience with audio devices other than phone headsets.

You'll want to connect the SP+ output from the TTS to the transmitter, but you'll need to run it through a voltage divider, because the speaker output voltage will be too high. Depending on whether it's designed for microphone input or line input, the transmitter will be expecting either millivolts, or about 1V in. Be sure to read the specs before connecting.