Bluetooth + Android

Hi there,
I’m currently working on drawing out my next project. I currently have an arduino-controlled deadbolt and would like to add bluetooth integration, so that I can use my android cell phone to open/close the lock.

I’ve done some research, and I wanted to know if what I know is correct, or if you can clarify where I’m wrong. In order for communication to take place, the bluetooth card connected to the arduino needs to be paired to the android handset.

Does this mean that each time the arduino is powered on/reset, that I will need run code on the android to pair itself to the arduino device?

My goal is to create a connection to the arduino via bluetooth (ask for lock status (currently locked or unlocked) and to open or close the lock.

I’m fairly certain I once I can figure out how to set up the initial connection/pairing, that the actual inner workings will be a breeze. Anyone have any advice to offer thus far?

Well am not sure what bluetooth module your using, but I used the KC21 bluetooth module which allows for virtual serial communication and as far as I could tell that you need to set up the connection every time that it was resetted or lost communication.

But at the same time it was really easy to interface and to set up the communication between the two devices .