Bluetooth Audio Decoding / LCD Display

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Arduino but already I have made a Bluetooth speak that includes a dot matrix (MAX7219) audio visualiser - and I’ve very much enjoyed the project and would like to make more Bluetooth speakers.

Currently I’m using a Bluetooth amplifier board for the sound and output to the Arduino for sampling.

For future projects I’d like to include a LCD screen that shows file information. i.e. track name / artist etc.

At the moment the amplifier receives the Bluetooth signal and decodes the audio file.

In order for the LCD screed to display information, from my limited / beginner knowledge, I believe the Arduino would need to decode the audio file and pass the track information on to the LCD screen and audio on to a amplifier.

Firstly, is this possible?
Secondly, what hardware would you recommend?
And thirdly, are there example codes available online for this?

Thanks in advance

In order to "decode" the Bluetooth audio, you need to know how it was encoded and the timeing to relate to that encoding.

You might research if there are standards that are used for such encoding/decoding.