Bluetooth audio streamer


Yes Im a complete noob however, I am trying to build a customized device for my hearing impaired students and I was wondering if it is possible to build a device using the arduino platform.

basically I have these specific headphones used for the hearing impaired, they only operate with bluetooth connections and I need to make a custom build microphone/transmitter to stream the audio signal to the headphones.

Currently I plug a micro into an RX/TX bluetooth transmitter which pairs and streams audio to the headphones, however I am going try and have the mic/amp, codec and bluetooth transmitter all on board one unit.

Before anyone asks, using FM as a means to transmit not possible as the specific headphones I need only work using bluetooth.


Bluetooth is a paired connection technology, isn't it? One Tx, one Rx? I think you could feed your audio into a bank of these, each would pair with a student's headphone. You'd have to check for compatibility.

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Hi Thanks for your reply, In the current Ad-hoc system I cobbled together I have the mic (+amp) plugged into the transmitter on the TX setting.

While it works ok when the connection is broken they need to be paired again so if a device were to be built to spec the micro-controller would need to be programmed to pair automatically to the headphones.


do you think its possible to to do this on an arduino platform?

I don't know. I think that might vary by transmitter. I don't have enough experience outside of my car pairing with my phone when I get in. If bluetooth on my phone is off, it pairs up pretty quick It seems, hard to say for sure when I'm driving) when I turn the phone on.