Bluetooth Autoconnect

With the bluesmirf silver, I can use the SR,# command to set the remote, the SM,3 command to put it in autoconnect master mode, and the SY,# command to change the transmit power output an thereby changing the effective range (I need the range to be lower for my project). I have it tested and working fine with this. I plan on duplicating this project at least two more times and was wondering if there was a cheapter alternative for a bluetooth shield like the bluesmirf silver. I have a cheap JY-MCU from ebay but I don't think it has the three features I need that the silver has. Anyone have any suggestions?


Here is a source on the cheapos
I use HC-05 just for datalogging, one-way traffic. It just works as default, no settings required, no programming. No settings for power output either, it's quite low enough as it is. With line of sight, range is reliable at 10m. With one lightweight wall it is 5m max. I have one wall with foil insulation and I get no signal at 1m.

I guess I forgot to mention this bluetooth module must be autoconnecting with a mobile phone. That's how I have it set up right now with the bluesmirf silver. When I get in range with my phone, it automatically connects and starts getting data from the mobile device to display on a monitor. That means I have to be able to program the module to connect to a certain MAC address only (aka the phone).