Bluetooth Baud Rate - only 9600 works...

Advice needed please:

I am having difficulties transmitting sensor data to my laptop using an Arduino Uno and HC06 Bluetooth module. When using USB and the Arduino IDE serial monitor all baud rates work fine, but when using Bluetooth I can only get it to work at 9600. If I use a higher or lower baud rate the serial monitor shows gibberish (or nothing for >38400).

I am setting the baud rate in my sketch using the serial.begin() command, and I set the appropriate port speeds in the terminal programs. I am absolutely baffled.

FYI - I have tried both Teraterm and puTTy.

Any ideas?

It sounds like you need to set the baud rate on the HC06 too. Looks like AT+BAUD is the way.

Thanks Wildbill,

I have used to try and set the baud rate with no joy. The board responds to the "AT" command with "OK", but sending "AT+BAUD8" does nothing.

Interestingly, whilst other posts state that this command must be pasted in (due to a 1 sec window), I don't seem to need to,.

Any extra gems?

I put 5V on Vcc and used pins 2 and 3 (modified the above sketch) and it correctly responded to the AT+BAUD command Wildbill proposed.

I now have data at 115200 over my HC06. Happy days!