Bluetooth Bee question and support

Hi all,

I have buy a bluetooth Bee from DFROBOT Arduino Bluetooth 2.0 Bee Module - DFRobot, unfortunally, i'm not an expert on hardware connection (datasheet don't help me). The question is the following :

  1. how connect bluetooth Bee without shiled on arduino uno
  2. some example of usage (Example sketch of comunication from arduino to PC)

Thx a lot for your support.


That is a plain vanilla HC-05 bluetooth module on a proprietary backboard which I believe is exclusively for use on an Xbee shield. I believe the pin spacing prevents you from using a standard breadboard. You may find that four jumpers are all you need to connect 3.3v, gnd, rx, tx to Arduino, with a 3.3v divider on the Rx pin but, since you have paid so much money for it, you might as well cough up some more and get the shield for which it is intended. It then becomes a simple plug'n'play job, and it probably then gives you a lot of extra features as well.

Here is some background on using the HC-05