bluetooth bee + xbee shield v1.1 + 16*2 lcd screen

hello, i am new, searched alot around the net to solve it alone but seems too complicated .
i need someone to guide me or tell me how can i connect a 16*2 screen via blutooth, using arduino, to my pc so i can send msg to it.

the component models i have are.

  • arduino uno
  • bluetooth bee (model HC-06) from iteastudio
  • xbee shield v1.1 from iteastudio
    lcd screen 162
    the image attached just to show the actual components.

photo (1).JPG

This is how you connect the LCD to your arduino: Then use the LiquidCrystal library to display data on the LCD: Next add functionality (using Serial port) to communicate to your PC, find an example here: