Bluetooth bidirectional communication?


I've seen this module:

Is bidirectional data communication possible using bluetooth? I would like to use to control a car wireless but alse receive data back from the car simutaniously.

Thanks in advance

Is that "wireless" as in "music receiver" or as in "telephone"?

As best I can tell from a quick scan of the datasheet, those modules support only a simple async serial data stream (i.e., "RS-232 cable replacement"). No audio, so a phone may not even see it as a suitable device to pair with if it only supports BT for headset use.

If the phone supports Dial Up Networking (aka "DUN", using the phone as a modem), though, you may be able to use it to let the Arduino "phone home" while you're driving.


The idea is to send data wireless between two of these modules.

From module A → module B some simple control commands
From module B–> module A some data (pictures with a small size)

I would like to know if this sending can be done simultaneously (bidirectional) (A <–>B)

If the BT device at the other end supports data transfer, yes. My simple, cheap cellphone doesn't: it only uses BT for a headset connection.

You need to investigate whether yours does.