Bluetooth BLE HM-10 with 2D Barcode Scannner

I have a project that needs to integrate with a 2D barcode reader using either Bluetooth or having the barcode scanner connected via USB. I've searched for BLE barcode scanners but they are hard to find - I found just two that seem usable.

I've searched the Net but cannot find anything specific. Can anyone advise on the feasibility of using a 2D barcode reader with Arduino and BLE? There is not much I can find on Youtube for this. The MCU simply needs to get the number scanned by the barcode reader.

I purchased an HM-10 which I have connected to an Arduino Mega. The HM-10 is working and I can receive data sent from an Android app, but I don't know how to use the HM-10 for connecting to a device like a BLE barcode scanner.

Also it seems like the HM-10 acts like a Bluetooth client where other devices (like an Android phone or tablet) can "connect" to it. But I think I need it the other way around - ie. use the HM-10 to scan for devices and connect to the reader.

This might not be too helpful but I’ve been playing with this same idea and I’ve found that we must use AT commands to turn the HM10 module into Master mode. The AT commands differ based on what module you have and the method for getting into AT command mode also differs between modules.

The problem I’m having after that is getting the module to successfully bonded and having the UUID services match.

Hope you found/find a solution!