Bluetooth BLE shield/module

Hello there!

Do any of you have experience with the "RedBearLab Bluetooth shield" or the "HM-10" module? And do you know if they work with windows 10?


Note the BLE is substantially different than ordinary "bluetooth", and whether BLE is "supported by windows" may depend on what bluetooth controller you have, hardware-wise. (I'm quite sure I have some W10 systems that don't support BLE...)

I used this "guide" to see if my computer supports BLE. As far as I know the BLE was first implemented in Bluetooth 4.0 and if this "guide" is correct then my computer should support BLE.

Otherwise a dongle could fix it for me I guess?

But the main problem is if the "RedBearLab Bluetooth shield" or the "HM-10" module do not support Win 10. In the description for "RedBearLab Bluetooth shield" it says that it's supporting win 8.1 but nothing about Win 10. But a lot of times things works very well on Win 10 even if it is not mentioned in the description.