bluetooth car - need help with the programming code

hi guys i've seen this tutorial and i need the code that lady in the vid was talking about

That's a 12 minute video - whereabouts in it does she mention the software that is needed?


Robin2 im very new to arduino and all i got from her is " arduino software and once you get the code from us upload it to the arduino board" Idk if its specific code or there are alternatives. And if the code is already in arduino examples

If the video does not include a link to a webpage that contains the software then I have no idea what the young lady has in mind.

I think the most practical thing is to start from beginning. What do you you want to do?

Have you got an existing car that is controlled by bluetooth? If so, what do you use to control it? And what do you want the Arduino to do? Do you have a link to the control-codes that the car responds to?

On the other hand, if you just want to make a radio controlled car with an Arduino inside the car and another Arduino to manage the remote control I suggest you use nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceivers rather than Bluetooth. I am using them for radio control for model trains.

...R Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial