Bluetooth communication between Arduino Mega ADK and Android

Hello everyone, I need to make two-way bluetooth communication between Arduino Mega ADK and Android. I'm using bluetooth dongle connected to USB host at Arduino board (not an USB host shield).

I have searching any related topics for a whole week to no success, the closest one is from this link: but it only work for a communication between two arduino. Switching to another board like arduinoBT is not an option for me either.

Can anyone please help?

Have you tried using the code from the site you referred to? There should be enough code to get that working, although this is much, much more complex than to use a BT shield. There doesn't seem to be a library that abstracts USB-BT stuff from you in a way that it gets as easy as using a serial interface. So you have to decide if the mountain of work is worth not investing in a shield or BT Bee.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I have tried Mr. Oleg’s code from the site, and I can get it work as far as pairing the bluetooth dongle and android, or even my PC.
I get some clue today, the communication provided by Mr. Oleg’s code is using HCI. Seems like pairing step is also using HCI, so that’s why it works. But in order to be able to exchange data between android and usb dongle, I need rfcomm communication method.

It’s too bad i have no option to investing for another board or shield, so can anyone please help me with the rfcomm? Just a hint would be good for me. Thanks.

This one is quite useful

I used sscom3e.exe (google it) to set up the BT, but the rest is quite straightforward.

Python is a great language.

Good luck

Brian Williams

Have you sorted it out ? I am working on same communication method, i.e to use Bluetooth dongle with Arduino Mega ADK's USB port. I am having a tough time making it work.