BlueTooth connectivity problem: help please

I just bought a Bluetooth Mate Gold and a Bluetooth USB Module Mini:

I have written a Pong Program. If you are familiar with the book by Tom Igoe "Making Things Talk" it is the same program that he outlines in his book.

I have been able to get this script working; Both the Arduino code and the Processing script works when the Arduino is connected via USB.

Next I inserted the BlueTooth module into the breadboard and untether the Arduino so it is running off a 9V battery. I can see a connection has been made with the blueTooth module because the light turns constant green, but it appears it is not sending data back to the processing script.

I would love some help with this problem. Are there any known issues with bluetooth connectivity I should know?

Is there a simple script I can run just to check that the Bluetooth module is indeed receiving and transmitting data ?

If you need me to post images of my breadboard or my processing and arduino code let me know, anything to help me solve this problem, just let me know.

Thank you.

The most likely candidate (having been just through this myself) is that your baud rate on your bluetooth modem is incorrect.

A couple of things to note:

  1. If you're using a separate BT modem from your arduino it will probably struggle to achieve a rate above 57,600 so you'll need to set that to something different. I have a BlueSmirf Gold (Sparkfun) very similar and it's default setting was at 115,200 bps so wouldn't work. I used a windows machine with hyperterminal to connect over bluetooth and then enter command mode to set it to a different rate and save it.

  2. After that it was a case of setting the serial baud rate on my arduino sketch to 57,600 and it worked.

It might be handy to start at a lower rate to begin with as well and make sure it's working fine. Also there is a version of the blink sketch over bluetooth that allows you to send a command and it will light up the LED on pin 13. You might want to try that once it's configured to ensure BT is working well.

Cheers ajfisher