Bluetooth control

Not sure where to put this thread, but I will try here.

Here is the situation I am trying to solve. I am building a costume. This costume will have at least 1 moving part. I will be using a futaba RC servo to create the motion. I have a circuit using a 555 chip to control the servo. This servo will be mounted in a helmet. Here is where it gets fun. I want a wireless controller to link to my Blackberry Storm 2 to be able to trigger the servo. The Storm has WiFi, Cell, and bluetooth. No reason to connect via cell, so only options left are bluetooth and wifi. since I am wanting close proximity, bluetooth seems the best.

All the controller needs to do is to trigger a relay. So the end result is I open my phone, go to an application for this (and I will either have to write the app or have ti written), and control the relay from the phone. The phone triggers relay, relay closes, arm moves. Trigger relay from phone again, relay turns off, arm moves back. I would like to note, if the arduino can control the servo directly, that is just fine with me as well.

If this works, I will probably use more than one device and place another bt kit on my arm and control it as well.

Can the Arduino bluetooth controller do this? How easy would it be? I have done a lot with discrete IC circuits so building circuits and the like does not scare me, but not so much on programming.

Thank you so much in advance for all your help. I will be happy to provide any further information you may need.

It depends on the phone you are using. If it does not support the Bluetooth Profile for Serial Ports, then this is going to be a difficult task. (FYI, You can save yourself the time of posting what kind of phone you are using and asking if it will work here. You need to use Google or other resources to determine that.)

You might consider WiFi.

Thanks for the input! I am not against WiFi, and I will search the specs on my BlackBerry Storm and see if it is possible.