Bluetooth controlled Battery powered blinders

Hey all,

I made a working prototype using

  • Blend Micro
  • Motor Driver L298N
  • 7.4V Lipo 2200mAh Battery
  • 6V DC Motor
  • IKEA roller blind (TUPPLUR)

I got it working and all, now I’m trying to improve the design, and I would need some help.

First of all I want to make it as low power when not used as possible. The problem is the motor driver drawing too much current. When researching relays they seem to also draw too much current on standby. So what would be the best options for this kind of project? Something like MOSFET controller?

What if the MCU would be powered separately and there would kind of mechanical switch to power motor driver?

Thanks for any guidance. Figuring how to make super low power remote controllable motor controller would be so useful for so many projects :slight_smile:

Why is the motor drawing current when it's not turning?

The current from the motor and motor driver should be very low when not in use. What current draw are you measuring for various components?

Also, we'd need a schematic to be able to comment on this intelligently I think.

Are you saying that optimizing the MC I would get better results than finding way to switch off motor driver completely?

I would like to run the system with battery for 30+days if possible.

The lipo is connected to motor driver, which sends 5V to Blend Micro.