bluetooth controlled linear actuator via MINI PRO AND BLUETOOTHE MATE GOLD

I'm trying to power a PQ-12 Linear Actuator by Firgelli by bluetooth serial trigger@!

I got the Arduino mini pro to activate to PQ-12 by modifying the "BLINK" script to a different pin. thats all.
I also put baud setting, one second serial counting feedback (1+1..2....2+1....3....etc) SO I KNOW THE SERIAL FEED IS 100%. When i attach both units, (pq-12 and the bluetooth mate gold), the bluetooth :grin: connects, but when i send my remote trigger comand that resets the counter, it does not trigger the PQ-12 like it did VIA usb and NO bluetooth mate gold.

i hooked up a small 6v camera batter, a 3.3 v lipo camera better cr123a or something...?
neither changed output (does this rule out having enough power?
if you look up the WWW.FIRGELLI.COM and look at schematics, how can i flip the voltage ? I wanna retract and extent the linear actuator .... hope ive been descriptive enough