Bluetooth Debugging Assistant for Andriod

Imagine using your cell phone to communicate with Arduino, so you can see the electricity consumption of each electric equipment, turn on/off them like TV , fan just using the software on your phone. we are now to turn it into reality step by step. Here we release an "ITEAD BT Debugging Assistant", you can use in on your Android cell phone to communicate with Arduino boards by our Arduino BT shield or BTBee module.

When the BT shield or BTBee power on, you can use the "Search Device" to scanting them:

Click the device that you want to connect with, the cell phone will pop-up a window for entering the PIN code, you can find the PIN code in BT Shield or BTBee datasheet, it's "1234".

After connect with the Bluetooth device, software will Automatically goes into Monitor:

In the Monitor , you can type the char or string you want to send to Arduino in the input box, and press the "Send" button, the data will be sent to the Bluetooth device, and the Arduino or PC can read them by Serial port from BT shield or BTBee easily. You can select the "Send as New Line", then the software will add the "0x0D 0x0A" after your data.

ITEAD BT Debugging Assistant also support HEX send, it means you not just send out the char or string ASCII code out but you can send out the specific data you need. When you select the "Send as Hex" selection, you just can input the 0-9 or A-F, and if you type the 1234 in the input box, press "Send", the Bluetooth device will receive "0x12 0x34" but "0x31 0x32 0x33 0x34".

When your cell phone receive the data from Bluetooth , it will show on the Monitor display area, and show as string.

You can select the "View as Hex" to change the display, ITEAD BT Debugging Assistant will show you the data in HEX mode:

You can download the ITEAD BT Debugging Assistant here: we provide the apk install package, also the project source code - if you find any bug please let us know, any suggestions will be appreciated.

Hello. I can connect to my bluetooth shield via my mac but my android phone can't detect it when using your bluetooth debugging assistant. Do you know why this could be?