Bluetooth Dongle don't work with JY-MCU.


So, I'd like to know if somebody can help me. I need use a Dongle Bluetooth( to communicate with JY-MCU BT_BOARD V1.05(, I already tested connect JY-MCU with Android and it's normal, but when I try to connect JY-MCU with PC it doesn't work.

Someone help me, please!!! Thanks so much.

There has been a couple of references to this of late

I have the same problem as you, same dongle. I don't know if the above works but I have just realised that it may be more likely that the posts have been about PCs than laptops.

Did you succeed in pairing the pc with the bt module? I have a experience with the similar unbranded BT dongle.

No. I tried before with no success. I have only just downloaded the Toshiba stuff and I cannot find the dongle.