Bluetooth Dongole

I tried to adapt code from to make it work on USBHOST of new Arduino DUE.
I failed to make it work I believe mainly because SPP.cpp the CRC sections.

could anyone help me to figure it out :slight_smile:

kindly check attached file.

SPP.ZIP (27.5 KB)

ya mahasem el sodaff :grin: :grin: :grin:!!!!!

I was also trying that!!

The only problem is we don't know what's insid the USBhost class in the Ardunio IDE ,i tried looking in the libraries but with no results :blush:

the goal is to find a function or subroutine to comunicate with the bluetooth dongle.

good luck with that :slight_smile: .... I connected a serial BT and that is it :slight_smile: please share if u reach results.

yeah… that’s probably the most suitable… :blush:=( =( =(