Bluetooth doubt

Hey guys I am using Jy mcu v1.06 bluetooth module and I have looked into tutorial regarding the interface and I am quite confused.In some tutorial the RX of the bluetooth module is connected through resistor divider(to get 3.3V from arduino) and some tutorial have connected the bluetooth module RX directly to arduino TX. :neutral_face:


Yes you should use a level shifter. I use a voltage divider made of 1.8K and 3.6K resistors, it's cheap and working well (but not really efficient).

As you say, some people connect it directly to arduino (which I also tried), but it doesn't mean that the BT module will not be damaged after a while, especially if it's used very often to transmit many data to your computer or whatever.

On the board is written "3.3V logic", so respect that if you want your BT to live longer.. :wink:

Well that's my advice as an user of those cheap BT modules.

Thanks a lot guix for your helpful reply,so I'll use resistor divider to get the 3.3V actually the bluetooth here would work continously as I am implementing the setup on PCB I thought may be I can eliminate the 2 resistor as I had some constraint