Bluetooth extender or another way to increase the range

Possible to use a ESP32 as a bluetooth extender?

I got a BBQ thermometer that is linked to my Iphone with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Problem is that frequently, I lost the signal and i need to restore the link. I understand that the BLE is limited to 10 meter

Is there a way to create a Bluetooth repeater like the wifi protocole? The ESP32 receiving the device name UUID and data then retransmit those info. Iphone to detect the Thermothere Bluetooth data since the same UUID was use in the retransmit protocol

Any comment appreciated.

Excuse my English


The range of Bluetooth is not just meters. Depending on the character of obstacle between sender and receiver it varies significantly.

Likely Wifi has a better range indoors.

I'd use an ESP8266 or ESP32 to make a webserver, there are tutorials on how to do so easily.
Then I'd use a premade app made to connect to them on your WiFi.
Skip Bluetooth all together because it's range will not serve your purposes.

BLE is not limited to 10m, and should be good for a lot more than that - even if a lot less than the possible 100m. If you already have the ESP32, it is surely an as practical a way to go as any. The actual wireless in the module is common to WiFi and Bluetooth, but I understand it can be reconfigured in the loop.

With this in mind, and BLE being the obvious first choice, you may find you can stick with it, but a better BLE, whereby it connects alternately with the probe and the phone

OR, you should be able to receive the BLE from the probe and send the signal out via WiFi. All you need then is an app on the iPhone. There is probably a standard WiFi terminal that will suffice.

Thanks guy's for your input. I dud not exposed clearly my quest.

  • The BBQ thermometer is a bluetooth device by itself, not built by me . It transmit temperature of two probes to my Iphone. An app provided by the manufacturer of the thermometer will draw charts of the cooking temperature. The app tho recognised when the thermometer is on and it try to connect to is bluetooth debice name. One paired, communication is bidirectional. From my Iphone, I could set temperature target and stop the alarm buzzer.

My interogation is: is it possible to create a Bluetooth bridge or repeater using ESP32,
The controller working has a dummy tool by repeating data packet received from either Iphone or thermometer and using there respective UUID.

I understand that WiFi should be a better choice, but I need to stick with the bluetooth communication link provided by the device.

Hope it is clearer