Bluetooth GPS hacking

I found this post in the read only forums..,22164.0.html

Can anyone provide some direction? I have the same device and would like to hard wire it to the Arduino.



mattltm: The 4 pins on the left side are labeled GND, BTX, BRX and BVDD. The 4 pins on the buttom side are labeled GRX, GTX, VBAT and VBUS.

I guessed the BT module might use GND/BVDD for power and BTX/BRX for serial data and the GPS module might use GND/VBAT for power and GTX/GRX for serial data - and I have no idea what VBUS is for.

It's times like these when an oscilloscope would really help. You could determine the baud rate (bits per second) on the serial interfaces. Measure the shortest pulses and take the reciprocal to get bits per second. You would also look for start and stop bits and how many data bits.