Bluetooth Hands-free module.


I am presently developing a prototype, potentially a line of products intended for use in the construction industry. My initial prototype utilized a BK8000L bluetooth module pre-soldered to a thru-hole breakout with on-board amplification. Overall, I am pleased with the module. However, two significant issues exist for me and my application. One of them being this. All (or most) of us in the tech industry have no aversion to an Asian-accented voice as an indicator of our blue-tooth status. I do not expect this will hold true across all mankind at this time, especially in the construction industry, perhaps even at the prototype level.

Another issue; I would love to have both volume-/+, as well as prev/next functionality of the hands-free module itself, and on the module I've described, pins labeled for purposes of volume control, actually correspond to prev/next (via bluetooth) at least so far as youTube, google Play, and iTunes are concerned. Thus, the question is this.

Does anyone know of a blue-tooth hands-free module with on-board amplification (Stereo, 5W per channel max) with notification tones that are non-verbal (and therefore viable internationally), play/pause, and call answer/hang-up functionality, whose volume adjustment corresponds to its on-board amplifier rather than a via-bluetooth volume adjustment to an external "paired" device?

I am not averse to developing my own PCB for this purpose if I could be steered in an appropriate direction in terms of a bluetooth module that satisfies these criteria, while remaining physically small, for packaging (enclosure purposes).
However, I would greatly prefer a "breakout" or thru-hole PCB that contains all of these features, at least for puposes of developing a completely functional and aesthetically-final prototype. The capability to change the "device name" of the module for purposes of identification and recognition without flashing ROMs via programming methods with which I am unfamiliar would also be great.

Essentially, I am thinking final prototype at this point, not manufacturing.

Has anyone used a product the fits the description I have outlined?

In the meantime, I would be happy to help where I can.

Thanks a bunch!

William P. Hawes.

PS:, I have a window of purchasing potential less than 18 hours from now.

Thanks once more.