Bluetooth HC-05 Trouble

So I'm trying to eventually use bluetooth in a project I am working on, but I want to begin by just the simple turning on and off of an LED. I have tried a multitude of set ups, code and apps, yet nothing has worked. I will link some of the websites I used below. I am new to arduino, however all of the code used has been just copy and paste as it's on the website. The HC-05 connects to my phone fine (with the light blinking slower when it does) and downloads the code fine. I am using a google pixel phone which if I am not mistaken, is an android phone. If anyone could give me some advice or something to try, it would be immensely appreciated.

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We need to know to what Arduino is the HC05 connected and how it is connected (a schematic, please. Verbal descriptions are prone to misinterpretation). Also the code on the Arduino to control the HC05 send an receive.

arduino20hudsont: (with the light blinking slower when it does)

And here's the first bit that might be misleading, particularly in the absence of code. "Blinking slower" does not necessarily mean you have a connection, it more clearly implies you are in AT mode instead. You might find the following background notes useful.